Aug 30, 2008

Ascot Park in Invercargill

So, what is so special about this racecourse you may ask? Well, I´ve been doing some research and it seems it is the southernmost racetrack of the world. Of corse I could be wrong but I scouted Argentina and Chile´s south and didn´t find any.

This is a 1880m left-handed racecourse with three chutes, and an alternate track for steeplechase. It also has two completely separate inner dirt tracks, and both inner tracks have inner turf tracks. It has a remarkable square form.

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Google Maps is getting stubborn...

.. it won´t let me use plain in english, since I live in a spanish speaking country. So from now on until I figure that out, all maps will be ourtesy of

Aug 27, 2008

Epsom Downs

One of the most traditional European racecourses, this is a one-way track that zig-zags through english contryside. Obviously it´s distintive is that horses can´t "go around" it and once they are past the finish line they have a small "curl" where they stop and that´s all. There is a 5 furlong straight, 6f and 7f chutes, and then the main track, which has a maximun length of a mile and a half (around 2400m).

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Aug 25, 2008

Cidade Jardim

This is the racetrack of the São Paulo Jockey Club. It´s main turf oval has a circumference of over 2100m, with a 1000m straight course and a 2000m backstretch chute. The inner dirt track has a circumference of just under 2000m, and it also has a shorter far turn. There is also an irregular oval inside dirt track which is used only for training.

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Also, here you can see a beautiful night shot of the racetrack.

Aug 11, 2008

Corowa Racecourse

Located in a small town in Australia (yet again!) this is a 1860m grass irregular oval, with a 1000m chute off the far turn in a 90º angle, a 1400m backstretch chute and a 1600m near turn chute. It is very well aligned east-west, so the finish line is at the north-east corner.

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