Apr 2, 2009

Del Mar Racetrack

"Where the Turf meets the Surf".. indeed, the beach is just some metres away from this North American oval dirt track (now synthetic) with an inner turf track.

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The data
Dirt Track: 1 mile
Backstetch chute: 7f
Stretch chute: 2f (good for 1 1/4 mile races)
This, as in most north american tracks, means that 7 1/2 dirt races are not run.

Turf track: Overall length 1450m
Length from the wire to the start of the inner chute: 385m (it is used only for 1 1/8 furlong races).

The set-up of the tracks implies that only some distances can be run.

In the turf track, only 5f (from the top of the backstretch), 7 1/2f, 8f, 8 1/2f (from the stretch), 9f (from the inner chute) and 11f (from the backstretch going around twice) are run.